Isabella D’Angelo is a Belgian-American living in Milan, Italy. Her multicultural experience has impacted her music and has led to a wide musical taste ranging from Shostakovich to Ella Fitzgerald to Hans Zimmer to Greek folk, as well as a love of using world music flavors in her compositions.


Isabella began studying classical violin at age three and composing at age 12. At age 17, her work for full orchestra, The Tempest, was performed live at Merkin Hall in New York by the Face the Music Symphony, of which she was concertmaster.


Isabella currently attends Berklee College of Music with a scholarship, majoring in Film Scoring and studying violin with Beth Cohen, an expert in music from Eastern Europe.


Her time at Berklee has led to a new set of transformative experiences. In May 2017, her work for piano four hands Meditation (movement 1) was performed by Kevin Leahy and Judy Nie as a part of the Society of Composers Spring Concert. Isabella has performed with the Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra performing the Lord of the Rings score at Boston Symphony Hall, a concert attended by the composer himself, Howard Shore. During the summer of 2017, she interned under the New York City-based composer Kevin James and attended the NYU Television Scoring workshop. In March 2018, she performed at the International Folk Festival with the Berklee Greek ensemble and vocalist Erini Tornesaki at the Berklee Performance Center.


Her current project, Catholic Kids Media, is an effort to combine her creative talents and her Catholic faith by creating a weekly video homily for children. She writes, animates, narrates and scores entirely original videos for young audiences. These videos have been viewed in over 140 countries.


Artists who have worked with Isabella trust her to realize their vision and enjoy her highly collaborative working style.


In the future, she hopes to continue to grow as a Catholic, a musician, and a composer, spreading beauty in the world.

Recording session  at Berklee's Studio 3 ~ 7/18/19